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UTP Titles for Pride Month
Happy Pride Month Toronto! These titles touch on cultural concerns, social psychology, and health of the LGBTQ+ community.

Behind the Book with Jim Dewald
The author of Achieving Longevity discusses his fascination with the short survival time of firms, rates of change, and more.

Behind the Book with Ellen Auster
The co-author of Stragility discusses the inspiration behind the book, the process of creating it, and more. >

UTP's Green Commitment

Conserving natural resources and minimizing environmental impact are becoming ever more important in an increasingly industrialized world. All of UTP’s divisions are committed to using energy responsibly, reducing waste, and implementing greener policies. UTP recognizes that investing in tomorrow means protecting the environment today, and working creatively for institutional and individual change.

The Journals Division has made significant progress within its editorial, production, and circulation departments in reducing paper and plastic usage. Green initiatives within the Journals Division include:


The University of Toronto Bookstore is also devoted to doing business in an environmentally friendly manner, and has contributed to UTP’s green initiatives in the following ways:


UTP Publishing has also demonstrated its commitment to the environment by implementing the following strategies: