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Transitions and Changes in Social Theory
In just a couple of weeks, we will be publishing a new social theory reader in which two editors from two different generations attempt to overcome the pedagogical pitfalls posed by existing social theory textbooks and anthologies.

Behind the Book with Carla Rice
Becoming Women started as a 500-page award-winning PhD thesis and is now one of the most comprehensive qualitative research studies to date on body image and the embodied self, with close to 90 interviews of "women's body histories." The research from this work has already reached the public through the many talks Carla Rice has given in her quest to transform image culture and ease women's body concerns. She's made over 100 TV and media appearances and edited a groundbreaking feminist reader last year with important essays from influential writers like Bell Hooks, Jessica Valenti, and Gloria Steinem.

Legacy Readings in Classical Theory
If you had to represent the legacy of Marx and Engels in one or two key readings, which ones would you choose?

About the Press

Founded in 1901, University of Toronto Press (UTP) is Canada's leading scholarly publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America. UTP has published over 6,500 books, with well over 3,500 of these still in print. The Scholarly Publishing division produces approximately 175 titles per year, and the Higher Education division publishes around 25 titles per year. The Press has published dozens of notable authors, including Northrop Frye, Robertson Davies, Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, Yousuf Karsh, Michael Bliss, Carl Berger, Umberto Eco, and Julia Kristeva, and has produced some of the most important books ever published in Canada, such as the Historical Atlas of Canada, the Dictionary of Canadian Biography, the Encyclopedia of Canada’s Peoples, and the History of the Book in Canada. With the publication of these landmark titles, as well as a continuing dedication to groundbreaking new scholarship, UTP has firmly established its reputation for excellence.

In 2008, UTP and the Rotman School of Management launched a new imprint called Rotman/UTP Publishing that focuses on actionable business books for professionals and students.  In addition, UTP has significantly expanded its course and textbook offerings through the acquisition of selected lists from Broadview Press, resulting in the UTP Higher Education Division. UTP continues as a leader in scholarly publishing and is intent on remaining a progressive presence in the dissemination of humanities and social science research, whether with the physical book, digital book, or other media not yet in use.

UTP continues to pursue its commitment to the dissemination of scholarship through a bold new eBook initiative. In 2008, UTP made more than 1,200 of its titles available to the academic library community; that number has since grown to nearly 2,000, and work is under way to make ebooks available on a wider commercial basis. Likewise, more than 19 journals published or managed by UTP are available online.

The Journals Division is dedicated to innovation in publishing and the sustainability of scholarly journals.  The Journals team works hand-in-hand with editors and associations to assist publications in achieving their goals in the most efficient and cost effective manner - resulting in major strides forward in areas such as online peer review systems and online advance publishing. The Journals Division offers bilingual online peer review and editorial support; copy-editing, typesetting and XML tagging; e-publishing and printing; marketing management and advertising sales; circulation and distribution.

The Distribution and UTP Print divisions offer competitive services to a broad range of clients, including publishers, government institutions, and other corporations. The Retail division serves the three University of Toronto campuses, and operates respectively under the U of T Bookstore, Campus Express, Computer Shop, and Varsity Sports Store brands. These stores supply the community with textbooks, medical books and supplies, course materials, University of Toronto logo merchandise, clothing, stationery, general interest trade books, food, and beverages. The Computer Shops offer educational pricing on computers and software, and the St. George Campus store has an award-winning Apple service department and cell phone shop with exclusive student offers.