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ACP Statement of Principles
UTP is a proud member of the Association of Canadian Publishers and supports ...

Taking Students into the Archive
Author Peter A. Morton talks about the importance of providing students with ...

Thinking Government
Author David Johnson introduces the fourth edition of his bestselling public ... >

Client Publishers

Those marked with an asterisk (*) do not have US Rights.

Annick Press*
Arsenal Pulp Press*
Aspasia Books
Baha'i Distribution Services*
Black Dog Publishing*
    Arlifice Books
Black Rose Books
Breakwater Books
Brush Education
Canadian Museum of History
Canadian Museum of Nature
Canadian War Museum
Career Press / New Page Books*
Caslon Inc.
CAW/TCA Canada
Central European Univ Press KFT*
Centre for Urban & Community Studies, UofT
Chair of Ukrainian Studies
Charter Press / Third Sector Publishing
Codasat Canada Limited*
    Bloomsbury Academic*
    Chelsea Green Publishing
    Hart Publishing
    Interlink Distribution Titles
    Interlink Publishing Group
    Museum of New Mexico
    No Exit Press
    Silman James Press
    The New Press
    University of Georgia Press
    University of Nebraska Press
    University of New Mexico Press
    University of Texas Press
    University Press of Colorado / Utah State University Press*
    Whitfield Editions
Cormorant Books
Dance Collection Danse
Douglas & McIntyre Publishers*
Dundurn Group
    Aga Khan Museum
    Beach Holme (Adult)
    Blue Butterfly Books
    Edgar kent
    Everywhere Now
    Golden Dog
    Kathy Smart
    NC Press
    Science for Peace
    Simon & Pierre Publishing
    The History Press
    Thomas Allen Books
    XYZ Editeur
Goose Lane Editions
Greystone Books*
    Heritage Group Distribution*
    Heritage House Publishing*
    Me to We Books*
    Rocky Mountain Books*
    TouchWood Editions*
Guernica Editions
Guidance Centre*
Help!... We've Got Kids
House of Anansi Press*
    Groundwood Books*
Integrative Leadership International Ltd.
International Self-Counsel Press Ltd.*
J Gordon Shillingford Publisher Inc.
Jump Math
Knowledge Bureau
Legas Publishing
Mage Publishers*
Manor House Publishing Inc.*
Mawenzi House
McGilligan Books*
Multilingual Matters and Channel View Publications Ltd.
National Museum of Science & Technology
New Society Publishers*
NewBridge Press
Oolichan Books
Owlkids Books*
Pajama Press*
Penn State University Press*
Peter Lang Publishing Group*
Pippin Publishing
Playwrights Canada*
    Nick Hearn*
    Theatre Communication Group*
    Theatre Museum*
    Toronto Alliance*
Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studies
Porcupine's Quill
Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Royal Ontario Museum
Second Story Press
    Azriel Foundation
    Book Publishing (from Tennessee)
    Smith Bonappetit & Son
Seraphim Editions
Signature Editions
Sister Vision
Subway Books
Teachers College Press*
Theytus Books Ltd.
Thistledown Press
Thompson Educational Publishing Inc.
Toronto Heschel School
Twin Guinep Limited
University of British Columbia Press*
    Alberta Environment Protection
    Athabasca University
    Brookings Institution Press
    Canadian Forest Services
    Canadian Forestry-Ottawa
    Island Press
    Jessica Kingsley Publishers
    Les Presses de L'Universite Laval
    Oregon State University
    Paradigm Publishers
    Transaction Publishers
    University of Arizona Press
    University of Washington Press
    Washington State University
    Western Geographical Press
University of Manitoba Press*
University of Ottawa Press
    Harvest House
    Journal of Prisoners
University of Regina, Canadian Plains Research Centre
University of Toronto Press Higher Education
University of Toronto Press Scholarly Publishing Division
University of Toronto Public Management
University Press of New England*
UTP Journals - Canadian Theatre Review
Wall & Emerson, Inc
Wilfrid Laurier University Press*
Wolsak and Wynn Publishers
Word of Mouth Production(Toronto Fun Places)*